Connecting PAR to Community-based Work in the Middle East and North Africa

This past month PARCEO had the pleasure of hosting in New York the Maxwell School Leaders for Democracy Fellows from Syracuse University. The group consisted of 26 community leaders, activists, and professionals from 13 countries in the Middle East and North Africa.
The two days together  began with a session facilitated by PARCEO establishing the framework of PAR and highlighting its application as a tool for creating sustained social change. Throughout the sessions, the fellows explored PAR and made connections to their work in a variety of sectors, including law, media, arts, medicine, and social work.


The next day continued with engaging discussions facilitated by community leaders and researchers throughout the city. Through these sessions, the fellows learned about concrete examples of PAR and advocacy in action as communities organized around issues ranging from police surveillance to Palestine/Israel and issues of human rights. Throughout the time together, the fellows engaged in insightful conversations that inspired creative ideas, fresh energy, and new connections for their work back home and for our work here in the US.IMG_2267




PARCEO looks forward to continuing our relationship with each of the fellows and wishes them the best of luck in their internships and continued work in their home countries!IMG_2291