Consultation Services

PARCEO consultations range from workshops and trainings, to participatory research and data analysis, curriculum and workshop development, strategic planning, assessment, and evaluation. Below is an overview of the services we provide and some of our focus areas. All of PARCEO’s trainings, resources, and events grow out of our collaborative work with community groups and are rooted in Participatory Action Research (PAR) and popular education.

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Positionality and Research Methods training for student community researchers at Swarthmore, Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges and Esperanza and South Philadelphia High School

Positionality and Research Methods training for student community researchers


PARCEO creates highly interactive workshops and trainings in which participants develop tangible tools and skills. Some of the areas include: Facilitation, Community Research Methods, Documentation and Evaluation, Positionality, Creative and Cultural Practices, and Media. In addition to our pre-established trainings, we develop new trainings to meet the particular needs of a group or organization.

Facilitation and Co-Facilitation

We offer inclusive facilitation to lead a participatory process, with particular attention towards diverse community engagement and multilingual needs. We address root causes of issues, with a focus on working across difference, positionality, and equity frameworks.

Create study abroad programs that provide meaningful engagement

Study abroad programs that provide meaningful engagement with host culture

Program Development

We work with organizations to develop and design programs that meet the needs of the organization, institution, and participants. We provide tools and support for inclusive programing from the initial planning stages to implementation and evaluation, from study abroad programs and semester courses to fellowship programs, internships, community workshop series, and more.

Curriculum Development

PARCEO develops curricula and resources rooted in social justice to address specific educational and organizational themes and needs. We also support groups that have their own curriculum, but want to make it more accessible and inclusive. Two of PARCEO’s most recent curricula initiatives have been the development of the Palestinian Nakba curriculum with Project48 and  a “Curriculum on antisemitism from a framework of Collective Liberation” co-created by PARCEO.

Identify and develop tools for creating socially just processes and policies

Tools for creating socially just processes and policies

Creating Just Organizations

In addition to  trainings, we provide support to, and collaborate with, organizations that are developing systemic plans to create equitable structures and processes for their work. Our resources address identity categories like race, class, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, and positionality in order to better identify and address root issues and relationships within the organization or group.


PARCEO provides program assessments according to organization needs. Additionally, we support participants as they explore specific planning, documentation and evaluations plans. Participants learn how to document and evaluate work through a framework that draws from personal experience to build collective skills and create concrete sustainable work processes.

Training for new community engagement volunteers

Training for new community engagement volunteers

Community Engagement

We provide tools and resources for participants to engage with diverse community groups and develop meaningful partnerships for action. We also support groups as members explore their own roles, reflecting on how they enter and become part of community spaces, and how this impacts their relationships and work.

Network Building

PARCEO brings different groups, organizations, and individuals together to share skills and create community forums. We also support groups as they think about how to connect and work with others to strengthen their work.

Press Conference with Muslim Community Network’s Youth Leadership Program

Strategies and talking points for media campaigns and press conferences.

Media and Communication

We provide tools and skills to help participants explore how their voices should and can be central to media representations of themselves, their communities, organizations, and work. We also support groups in building their media campaigns.

Speaking and Presentation

PARCEO members are available to speak about their work, community research, pedagogy, and organizing processes in addition to the many other focus areas listed on the side panel.

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