What We Do

All of PARCEO’s trainings, resources, and events grow out of work with collaborating groups and are based in Participatory Action Research (PAR) and popular education, which value the experience and leadership of those most impacted by injustice as we collectively work to make change and build community power.

  • Curriculum Development: PARCEO develops curricula and resources to address specific educational and organizational themes and needs. We also support groups that have their own curriculum, but want to make it more accessible and inclusive. Two of PARCEO’s most recent curricula initiatives have been the development of the Palestinian Nakba curriculum with Project48 and  a “Curriculum on antisemitism from a framework of Collective Liberation.”
  • Trainings and Resources: PARCEO facilitates workshop sessions and provides curricula and supplementary resources to address the needs of groups, such as: How to facilitate diverse groups without allowing one voice to dominate; Effective tactics for engaging the media; How to integrate new members without losing traction in your work.
  • One-on-one Support: PARCEO offers one-on-one support to groups in person, or via phone or video conference as they navigate and draw upon the resources available through the website.
  • Train-the-Trainer: PARCEO offers train-the-trainer sessions for community members to utilize PARCEO’s curriculum with their own group. Similar support is offered via video or phone conference for those unable to attend an in-person session.
  • Community Conversations, Symposia and Seminar Series: PARCEO has coordinated community conversations to share the importance of community education, as well as symposia and a Seminar Series to address issues that grow out of the needs and concerns facing community members and collaborating organizations. Our seminars and symposia offer an opportunity for community groups and individuals committed to social justice to come together to share information and skills in a variety of ways.

Work with Institutions: PARCEO offers both a conceptual framework and a methodology for those in various institutional contexts interested in strengthening their work and sustaining equitable partnerships with community groups. Trainings, grounded in PARCEO’s ongoing community-based collaborations, offer a unique framework for engaging with communities and social justice work and research in holistic, respectful, and meaningful ways.

The Website: PARCEO created this website so that our resources are accessible to community-based groups nationwide and globally, regardless of location. We hope the workshop curricula, supplementary materials, and online forum for sharing ideas and resources strengthens the work of groups rooted in community and builds connections between organizations across the globe. We encourage institutions and organizations that want to work with us to reach out to us at info@parceo.org to learn more about how our resources can be tailored to support your needs through one-on-one consulting, facilitated workshops and events.