Positionality: Working Across Difference Curriculum

We are excited to share our workshop, “Positionality: Working Across Difference,” that addresses concrete issues, which have come up in our work and for groups we work with, to help support organizing and research for justice.


As many of us work across different communities, we want to make sure that we enter new spaces with integrity. Does our behavior–not just our rhetoric–respect and honor community leadership? Do we think about who we are–and what that means–in relation to those with whom we are working? How can we build community in a way that is genuine and does not promote hierarchies and inequities that we are trying to dismantle? 

What’s exciting for us about the workshop–which has been developed with community groups that have been concerned with these questions–is the way that our exploration can meaningfully strengthen our work and help achieve goals we have set out–of creating liberatory spaces in which all voices are valued and in which true community is built. 
On our website, the workshop is laid out to enable you to adapt it to your group’s organizing and research needs. It can be done as a one-day workshop, an afternoon discussion, or as part of a educational program. Through discussions, sharing stories and reflections, video, exercises, and readings, we hope that you will find this workshop valuable and look forward to being in touch with you about it!