Positionality: Working Across Difference

Part 1

Goal of this training: Participants gain an in depth understanding of their own identity, particularly in relationship to their communities. Through sharing stories, participants identify the importance of recognizing differences in order to value all voices and experiences. All of our trainings end with collective reflection, where participants have a chance to share what they learned from the training and what they hope to continue to explore after the training.


  • Understand how PAR values all experiences
  • Build connections and identify commonalities and difference through sharing stories
  • Understand your own identity in relation to race, class, power, gender, privilege, role and position

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Table of Contents:

Training Curriculum 3
– Overview of PAR 12
– Identity Reflections 13
– Additional Resources 14
– Audre Lorde Quotes 15
Reflections/Evaluation 16


Through a series of individual and group reflections participants examine the complexity of their own identity and consider how it relates to race, class, power, gender, and privilege. Through sharing and valuing different perspectives and stories, participants consider the importance of building connections across differences and commonalities. This training is Part 1 of a two part series. Find more info on the Part 2, Positionality: Building Communities.