Mexico: PARCEO/PNCA Global Studios Collaboration

PARCEO is currently collaborating with PNCA for their intersession program, Global Studios: Mexico City/Oaxaca. PARCEO’s Nina Mehta is coordinating visits and workshops for PNCA students with artists, curators, gallerists, writers, and designers in Mexico City, Oaxaca City, and surrounding communities. We are also bringing PAR reflection and framing to this program where local artists and craftspeople share their skills and processs with the PNCA students.


PNCA Global Studios: Mexico students work across cultures and explore the interconnections and overlaps between contemporary and traditional art, culture, and history. Engaging with different people and institutions in Mexico, PARCEO’s consideration of identity, roles, privilege and position are also integrated into journal and presentation exercises. This framing values and elevates local cultural knowledge and raises questions about one’s role as a student, tourist and visitor in different communities. This is an exciting collaboration and one of the many ways that PARCEO engages with institutions and organizations in New York, Portland, Miami, and globally.IMG_2520