PARCEO is a resource and education center that provides training and support toward meaningful social change.


Our work is rooted in a Participatory Action Research (PAR) framework, which values the experience, knowledge, and leadership of those most impacted by injustice as we collectively work for transformative change and to build community strength. We believe in the power of community education and we work to make curricula, educational programs/retreats, and other learning opportunities more accessible and connected to our work for justice.


PARCEO works with community groups, university and leadership training programs, foundations and a range of institutions that seek to deepen their educational, organizing, research, and cultural work; form principled, meaningful collaborations; develop new initiatives; and strengthen their internal processes and broader work rooted in principles of justice and accountability. Some of the many issues that partnering organizations focus on include educational justice; racial justice; workers’ rights; gender justice; challenging Islamophobia; immigrant rights; and health and food justice.


PARCEO consultations range from curriculum development, workshops and trainings, to participatory research and data analysis, building organizational structures rooted in justice, facilitation, strategic planning, assessment, and evaluation. All of PARCEO’s trainings, resources, and events grow out of our collaborative work with community groups and a deep commitment to challenging all forms of injustice.

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