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NYC Creative Expression: Framing Workshop

Creative practices, in their many forms, help us realize PAR principles by actively including different voices, modes of expression, and styles of participation to generate and build knowledge together. On September 15th, PARCEO and el Museo del Barrio hosted the "Creative Expression: Framing" workshop to explore the power of framing and storytelling. In this session we: Practiced different forms of storytelling Explored different art activities and visual narrative techniques Saw how documentation, storytelling and image analysis connect to organizing and research Looked at framing and composition in the photographs from the ¡Pres...

Facilitating within a PAR Framework

As we know, facilitation can open a space or shut it down. Whether at a meeting or discussion or in a classroom, how we facilitate is a critical part of, and integral to our organizing for justice. The more we think intentionally about our role as facilitators in different contexts, the more we can create the kinds of liberating spaces that help facilitate the meaningful organizing and spaces of reflection and analysis that we strive for. PARCEO's facilitator training on August 26th was a time of sharing and learning together among leaders and organizers within the many groups that participated. Thanks to El Museo for once again opening their ...

El Día del Niño with PS 72 and El Museo del Barrio

Together with El Museo del Barrio, PARCEO facilitated,  El Taller de Expresión,  a bi-weekly parent group at PS 72 in El Barrio of New York City created for parents to explore how to establish safe spaces that value and foster parent involvement within the school.  Throughout the school year,  PARCEO provided co-planning and facilitation support, including a Facilitation Training for participants.

PARCEO’s Community Symposium

Check out our new page on the Community Symposium hosted by PARCEO on  March 1, 2014.  Click HERE for a full overview and photos from this meaningful day!