Creative Practices in PAR: Framing

Goal of this training: Participants explore creative practices to include different voices and perspectives, generating and building knowledge together. In this training, participants practice how to interpret, create, and analyze images and recognize how framing impacts one’s understanding of a subject. Through storytelling and creative practices, participants recognize how they are experts in their own lives.


  • Recognize how framing and composition impacts one’s understanding of a subject
  • Explore visual narrative techniques and different forms of storytelling
  • Build trust in an environment where participants share aspects of themselves through visual storytelling
  • Utilize different tools and methods for expression that support the inclusion of different languages, literacies, skill sets, and communication styles
  • Recognize how documentation, storytelling, and image analysis connect to organizing and research
  • Examine our definitions and relationships to our communities
  • Understand how to interpret, create, and analyze images

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Table of Contents:

Training Curriculum 3
– Overview of PAR 11
– Image 12
– Agenda 13
– Reflections/Evaluation 14