Documentation and Evaluation Through a PAR Lens

Goal of this training: Participants gain tools and resources for evaluation and documentation processes rooted in the wisdom and knowledge of those involved. Through the training, participants acquire skills to address their specific needs and experiences and develop materials and resources to support their overall work. All of our trainings end with collective reflection, where participants share what they learned from the training and what they hope to continue to explore after the training.


  • Build participatory documentation and evaluation processes and skills
  • Long-term and immediate analysis and reflection of individual and processes
  • Collaborative problem-solving to reach collective goals

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Table of Contents:

Curriculum 4
Agenda/Additional Resources 15
Overview of PAR Handout 16
Reflections/Evaluation 17
Reflection Guide 18


In the first session, participants model the ways in which PAR supports a process of planning, setting goals, and documenting that is rooted in the voices and personal experience of community members. Through group discussions, creative expression, and activities, participants practice key PAR principles.

The second session continues to model PAR concepts. Participants collectively explore their definition of success and participatory evaluation models, and how to collectively define success, and create an evaluation plan that meets their needs and realities. This training also has a guide where three community-led groups share their reflections and expertise around documentation and evaluation processes rooted in PAR.