Facilitation and Co-facilitation through a PAR Lens

Goal of this training: Participants gain the skills and resources for PAR facilitation/co-facilitation rooted in community processes and participatory wisdom and knowledge. Through the training, participants address their specific experiences and the needs of the group, and build a sustainable foundation for their facilitation practices. All of our trainings end with collective reflection, where participants have a chance to share what they learned from the training and what they hope to explore after the training.


  • Gain a foundational understanding of PAR-based principles of facilitation
  • Develop PAR-based communication skills and community leadership
  • Identify concrete facilitation issues and challenges
  • Begin to build on key concepts and skills of facilitation/co-facilitation

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Table of Contents:

Document Lists 3
Session 1 4
Session 2 11
Materials List 17
– Session I Agenda 18
– Overview of PAR 19
– Facilitation Guide 20
– Session II Agenda 21
– Role-Play Handout 22
Reflections/Evaluation 25

In the first session, participants understand the ways in which PAR supports a process of facilitation and co-facilitation that is rooted in the voices and personal experience of community members. This session covers what PAR is, the principles of PAR and participatory processes of facilitation/co-facilitation, and the role of facilitators. Through group discussions, creative expression and activities, participants learn and model facilitation/co-facilitation rooted in PAR.

The second session continues to explore facilitation/co-facilitation rooted in PAR and the challenges that facilitators face. Participants collectively solve problems in different scenarios, address challenges that occur during facilitation, and develop skills and concepts for their own facilitation processes. In addition to group discussion and activities, participants also see facilitation/co-facilitation rooted in PAR through the video/s offered in this training.