Resources for Facilitation and Co-Facilitation

Training: Facilitation and Co-Facilitation through a PAR Lens
Complete curriculum including facilitator guide for a 2 part trainings that explores the principles of PAR and how to facilitate various group settings within a PAR-framework. The training includes small group discussion, role-playing, and individual reflections.


Facilitator Guide

A short overview of  helpful set-up and follow-up for all trainings as well as, Facilitators’ Roles and Responsibilities.


An Overview of PAR
25 minute pair and group discussion exploring the the five foundational principles of PAR and how it integrates into various aspects of community work including facilitation, campaign building, strategic planning, evaluation, etc.

Goals and Responsibilities of a Facilitator
30 minute interactive group activity exploring how a facilitator is responsible for creating an environment where all voices can be heard and considers the roles and responsibilities of a facilitator.

The Role of a Facilitator: Challenges
Through role-playing and group discussion participants address difficult situations often encountered when facilitating and collectively develop ideas for dealing with these common facilitation challenges. This is a 40 minute activity.

Facilitation Challenges Worksheet
A set of reflective questions that can be used individually or as group to explore various challenges of facilitation including: what we think of when considering participation, how to value different types of participation, and how to deal with difficult power dynamics within a group.

180 Days Well Spent
12 minute video in Spanish and English about what makes a good classroom and school highlighting several different classrooms and interviews. Video created as part of a collective, PAR process by parents and educators in New York City. Includes guiding questions for follow-up discussion.

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