PAR Overview

An Overview of PAR

25 minute pair and group discussion exploring the the five foundational principles of PAR and how it integrates into various aspects of community work including facilitation, campaign building, strategic planning, evaluation, etc.

An Intro to PAR: Emphasis on Mutuality, Social Transformation, Storytelling

50 minute activity using quotes from various PAR readings to explore the foundational principles of mutuality, social transformation, and storytelling.  Can be used individually or with a group.

Social Transformation

A quick intro activity to spark conversation on the process of social transformation and community collaboration.


2o minute discussion based on a Zimbabwe cartoon exploring ideas of shared power and learning.  A good starting point for discussions on popular education, PAR, and the process of knowledge generation and/or sharing.

Building a Foundation: An Introduction to PAR

Complete curriculum including Facilitator Guide for a 2 part trainings that explores how the principles of PAR create a foundation for sustainable work that centers the voices of the community. In addition to a general overview of PAR, the training focuses on ideas of Mutuality, Storytelling, and Social Transformation. The training includes small and large group discussions, migration stories, short video clips, and personal reflections.



A short collections of articles that explore PAR in a variety of settings. Includes links to complete articles.



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