Positionality: Building Community

Part 2

Goal of this training: This training focuses on positionality and building community within an organizational context. Participants gain an understanding of how their individual experiences connect to the values of an organization and how to build a strong foundation that values all voices, experiences and differences. All of our workshops end with collective reflection, where participants share what they learned from the training and what they hope to continue to explore after the training.


  • Understand individual relationships to one’s community and roles within community-based work
  • Connect individual values and those of the group or organization in a collective way
  • Analyze the role of an organization within the community it serves, or in which it resides
  • Look at the process of working with organizations in ways that are rooted in PAR

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Table of Contents:

Training Curriculum 3
Agenda 10
Reflections/Evaluation 11


“Positionality: Building Community” is the second part of the Positionality trainings, following “Positionality: Working across Difference.” “Building Community” considers community and social justice research and work at the individual level, the organizational level, and the community level. Through small and large group discussions and activities, participants learn and model the process of building community in an organizational setting.