PARCEO Institute

Through various institutional and organizational contexts PARCEO works with educators, fellows, interns, academics, organizers, community activists, students, and program administrators to engage with community work and research in holistic, respectful, and meaningful ways. PARCEO’s trainings offer both a conceptual framework and a methodology for those interested in strengthening their social justice work and sustaining equitable partnerships with community groups.

This work is grounded in PARCEO’s ongoing community-based collaborations and a Participatory Action Research (PAR) framework. This approach provides analysis and tools to address internal processes, identify social and political inequity, establish meaningful partnerships, and bolster outreach and advocacy efforts.

Increasingly students, fellows, and professionals interact with a diverse range of communities, both internationally and domestically. PARCEO offers an ethical foundation for work in these different contexts.

PARCEO’s trainings can be combined or modified to best fit the needs of participants and programs and can range from two hours to several sessions scheduled over a chosen period of time.

PARCEO’s Core Trainings

Understanding PAR: Principles, Methodology, and Positionality Engaging in Meaningful Facilitation Community-Generated Research

Through PARCEO’s dynamic trainings, participants develop concrete skills and tools to engage with and support sustainable long-term movements. Some of the outcomes include:

  • Ideas for projects that foster community building
  • Research skills that are qualitative and quantitative and help to equalize experiential and historical knowledge
  • How to enter and support a community in ways that facilitate intentional and sustained relationships
  • Frameworks for acknowledging diverse backgrounds and working collaboratively across difference
  • Understanding and identification of systemic inequalities within the community
  • Strategies for organizing and building effective processes to address and support community organizations and community- identified issues
  • Tools for shared needs assessment, visioning, goal-setting, and evaluation processes for funding and investment



Some examples of PARCEO’s recent work include:



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