Resources for Positionality

Collection of Positionality Activities

Stand alone resources that are useful for facilitating conversations and support to move forward and engage with each other in our individual and collective work with movements for social justice.

Acknowledging Difference: Race, Class, Gender, Privilege, and Power

A  35 minute activity for individual or group reflection that highlight the diversity within our individual identities and how they influence our work.   Using the Identity Handout, participants recognize the importance of reflecting on our own backgrounds and experiences in order to build authentic and inclusive collaborations and relationships.


Training: Positionality: Working across Difference, Part 1

Complete curriculum including facilitator guide for a 2 hour training that examines the complexity of our own identity and consider how it relates to race, class, power, gender, and privilege. This training sets the foundation for building connections across differences and commonalities through sharing and valuing different perspectives and stories.


Training: Positionality: Building Community, Part 2

The 2 hour curriculum including facilitator guide follows Part 1 and focuses on positionality and building community within an organizational context. Through small and large group discussions and activities, participants gain an understanding of how their individual experiences connect to the values of an organization and how to build a strong foundation that values all voices, experiences and differences.